Posting Rules

Posting Rules/Policies

Apart from the usual policies we have on the app/or website, there are quite a few more that are designed for posting a Property in any category. This app/or website is dedicated to the sale or let of properties in Nigeria.

1. Try to be as accurate as possible. There are a lot of options to choose from when posting in Property, to cater to people buying and selling, renting or letting. Also, choose the correct number of bedrooms, bathroom, garage, kitchen, etc. available in your property to avoid confusing people looking at your listing.
2. Price the Property correctly.
3. The property must be available. If it’s not available yet or it has been taken, login to your account using the app(android device) or website(laptop device) and update the property listing immediately as Sold or Rented. If it’s occupied at the moment but will be available soon, specify when it’s gonna be available.
4. Make sure you only post one property type per ad. And one ad per property type. Any duplicate ads will be deleted. If you have more than one property, post them in separate ads.
5. When posting a Property, make sure you select whether you are a private agent or a business agent.
6. Keep the your property listing clean. No phone numbers or prices in the title. There are field for that info. No website links to other accommodation websites either. You can put all the info you need to give people about the property into the  description instead of directing them to other sites.
7. Posting a property if you are not located in Nigeria is prohibited.
8. Posting a property for sale that is not located in Nigeria is prohibited.
9. Posting a property for sale that is illegal to own, rent, buy or sell in your area of residence is prohibited.
10. Posting duplicate property in multiple categories is prohibited.
11. Posting property using multiple different email addresses is prohibited.
12. Posting property that serves no other purpose other than to send traffic to a web site is prohibited.
13. Posting a property containing a list of keywords not directly related to the property being listed is prohibited.
14. Posting a property in languages other than English is prohibited.
15. Posting a property that contains adult, mature or erotic content is prohibited.
16. Posting a property in an incorrect or misleading category or with misleading information is prohibited. 
17. Posting as a Private Agent, Owner, or Individual when you are a Business, Dealer or Professional Agent is prohibited.
18. Do not Renew a property by simply editing everyday to move or bump up that property to the top of the list, instead Get Featured. Allow 7 days to elapse before editing or bumping up a property.
19. Agents can post *unlimited number of properties for free - only 1 property type per advertisement.
20. We only accept property posting from major cities and towns in Nigeria at this moment.
21. Do not post too large size images and again, we recommend that you use landscape images for all your property listings.